Assessment Of The Principles Of Diversity Equality And Inclusion In An Educational Institution For Pregnant Students


Today, the fundamentals of diversity, equality and inclusion are one of the most important and vital perspectives in work place or in every other area of social society. The diversity in workplace is used to be the most significant factor to get higher growth. The people from different nations, religions, cultures, genders, race, ages, lifestyles and from different ethnical group makes a strong and winning combination for an organization. In the past centuries the concept of diversity, equality and inclusion were not so noticeable and considerable and in most of the working areas in United Kingdom and in the whole world, people of same religion, culture, and even only of same gender works in an organization. This report comprises many different features of the factors like diversity; equality and inclusion in an education institution Leeds University are discussed. The Leeds University allows its students, employees and visitors the independence and all the facilities to enjoy without any discrimination of race, color, gender and religion. This report also outlines the university policy for the diversity of pregnant and maternity women either the student or the employee of the university. In this paper the legislations and laws about the diversity, equality and inclusions are also discussed and evaluated.

Key Principles and Concepts of Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

The principle of diversity can be understand by different readings and books Diversity means to unite the group of people belonging from different gender, sexual orientation, lifestyles, cultures, religions and ethnical group, to works in the same organization and to study in the same class and in same group, to play sports for the country they are living in and get related with each other in a society and works together without any discrimination (Esty, Griffin, Schorr, 1995).

The concept of Equality can be understand in a way that every people belonging from different age, sex, religion, culture or lifestyle should be given equal rights to pursue their talents and education for the betterment and development of their relative fields. Equality should be granted to every person to get higher education, higher profits in business, and higher ranks in employments and bigger chances in sport regardless of their gender, age, culture, religion etc (Macdonald, 2004).

Inclusion is the concept of including every person male or female in a group to work for the organization to carry out research in the field of science and technology, to make a group of sportsmen in which different people of different age, sex, religion and culture are united for higher growth. Inclusion is the process of interlinking each and every one to work for the betterment of the organization, a nation or a country (Ekins and Grimes, 2009).

Explanation of Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

The diversity in workplace is consider to be an important issue as in today’s scenario, a group of talented people emerging from different nations, and religions and sex works together and can make more and more profit, or can carry out a successful research. If the principle and concept of diversity would not be introduced then there will be not so much success in the field of education, business, engineering and every other walk of life as no different but talented people come closer to work with each other and no better result would they get (Jackson, 1992). For Example; In United Nations Organizations, there are many people both male and female belonging from different countries like Taiwan, Malaysia, India, USA, Canada, Africa, UK etc working to improve the standards of living in the world and enjoying their work and their united talents to work for the growth and development of the world (Esty, 1995).

Equality can be defined as every person belonging from different culture, ages group, gender, having different sexual orientation, different political views etc must enjoy an equal fair treatment from the management of the institution, organization of the business or from the government of any country. Equality can be justified when there is no discrimination among different people of different classes, having different genders and religions etc. and they all enjoy the same fair treatment and equal opportunities (MacDonald and Daniel, 2005).

Inclusion can explained as the inclusion of male and female, the black or white, the lesbian or a bisexual, belonging from different color, creed and religion in a work place or in educational institute or in every other social activity to work jointly for the development and progress of their respective working areas (Ekins and Grimes, 2009).

Demonstration of Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

Diversity can be seen everywhere in the UK these days as many individuals belonging from different casts, religions, genders etc are working together and getting education together. The diversity in an educational institute is more important as if an individual have an idea of getting education and carry out their project with different people belonging from different culture, they surely will not hesitate to work in a place where a diverse culture is implemented.

Equality is a way to treat everyone fairly and in my opinion the principle of equality is the fundamental part of building a competitive society where everyone should have to work hard in order to get success because when the principle of equality is implemented in a society no one can get false success on the basis of color, creed, status and gender.

Inclusion is the way to include every person regardless of different genders, religion etc in the team of successful persons and if this principle is implemented, I think that it should give everyone confident to take equal part in the success of the organization.

Leeds University; Overview, History and Demographics

Leeds University is a British Red Brick University and one of the top 100 universities in the world. It is located in the city of Leeds, West Yorkshire   England. The University one of the top 10 research institution and is the member of Russell group of research intensive universities. The Guardian described Leeds University as one of the best Red Brick University and a giant in British Higher Education. From 2006 to present the University has been ranked second in UK (The Guardian London, 2009).

Leeds University was founded in 1904, before this it was known as the part of Victoria University and had gained the university status in 1887. In 1831 it was known as the Leeds school Of Medicine and in 1874, the Yorkshire College absorbed the Leeds School of Medicine and then joined the Victoria University. The history of Leeds University is as old as only five universities were established in United Kingdom (Charlton, H.B, 1951).

Leeds University is one of the largest and most prestigious university and research institution in the whole world. The university has the alumni of many noticeable individuals and is expanding subject wise and campus wise frequently. The university has more than 30000 students which is eight highest numbers of students in any university of UK. At present the university ranked among 10 highest universities in UK and among 100 highest universities in the world. Leeds University has been ranked second in order to get highest number of applicants for admission each year and this number is increasing day by day (Haldenby, Andrew, 2007)

Following table shows the demographics of Leeds University:

No. Of Students            33,585.00
No. Of Admin Staff              8,000.00
Undergraduates            24,080.00
Postgraduates              9,505.00

(University of Leeds, 2010)

Leeds University Diversity and Equality policy

Leeds University has set up an in-depth equality and diversity policy which is equally implemented on both students and staff. The university is concerned and committed to equality and diversity because according to them that the principle of diversity and equality gives the chance of different peoples belonging to different genders, age, religions and culture which is very  helpful for the university to upgrade the standard of education for students and workplace for its employees. The university also thinks the discrimination is wasteful for the individuals and it creates a negative impact on the individuals in term getting education, career progression and self fulfillment.

Some of the major points of university’s diversity and equality acts are:

  • They treat every individual fairly and respectfully.
  • They provide opportunities to every individual without any discrimination.
  • They provide a healthy, helping and hospitable to every individual either they are staff or students (University of Leeds, 2010).

Equality Act 2010

Equality act which passed on 8th April 2010 was also passed in order to lower the discriminations on the basis of race, color, creed and gender in UK. The act consists of the points in which discrimination on the basis of casts, age, disability; sex orientation was prohibited and also includes some points to increase the equality, diversity and inclusion principles in the society.

Leeds University equality and diversity policies fit with the Equality act as both of them consist of the point that there will be no discrimination among the people belonging to different cultures, gender, sexual orientation, disability, age etc.

The equality act also consists of the point that the pregnant student or lady pregnant women should not be discriminated and all of them will be provided by the equal opportunities as other people do.

The equality act also provides the law about giving equal opportunities to grow and career progression without any discrimination on the basis of gender, religion, age etc.

The Equality Act 2010 prohibits organizations, including the University, from treating a person (including a student, staff member or visitor) less favorably than others on the grounds of pregnancy or maternity. Any discrimination to the pregnant and breastfeeding lady can be supposed as unlawful discrimination (Equality Act, Great Britain, 2010).

Leeds University Equality and Diversity Policy for Pregnant Students

The University of Leeds is committed towards implementing the Equality Act and making its staff members as well as its student to act upon the rules and regulations pointed in the Equality act 2010. University of Leeds is also committed towards the education of pregnant students and the mother of very young child. The management of Leeds University believes that pregnancy of a student should not become the obstacle in the career path of the student and she should continue her study with the same pace as other students are doing. The University is keen towards giving the accommodation to the pregnant students and to the mother of very young child too so that they should not have to cover long distances in this condition (University of Leeds, 2010).

Some main and noticeable points in Leeds University’s equality and diversity policy for pregnant women are as under;

The University of Leeds in its equality policy for pregnant student clearly instructed its staff members and other students not to treat pregnant students less favorably just because of her condition. University also takes step to give accommodation to pregnant students and to those who has just delivered a baby because of their health issues.

The University of Leeds and its employees also make appropriate and flexible approach toward the pregnant student in order to make them easy to complete their education, this flexible approach is also mentioned in equality act 2010 (Equality Act, Great Britain, 2010).

In its policy for pregnant students, Leeds University clearly mentioned and instructed its staff member not to possess non judgmental approach and the information of student should not be passed on to every person if student does not want to announces her pregnancy.

Leeds University is strictly and firmly acting upon the Equality Act 2010 and is providing better facilities to pregnant students in order to maintain a diverse environment and a equal and inclusive culture. The university is providing accommodation to pregnant students in order to look after and be sure that they do not have to go to remote place to complete their fieldwork and thesis (University of Leeds, 2010).

The university is also making sure that the pregnant students do complete their allocated periods and credit hours of their module. For this they are providing the classes to pregnant women after discussing and confirmation of the time of their classes from students (University of Leeds, 2010).

The university is also providing support to the pregnant student in the case of miscarriage and still birth. According to the equality Act there will be no discrimination in less favorable manner for the students who have any disability or the pregnant students, Leeds University also provides its disable and pregnant students, opportunities to continue and complete their studies and be a part of the winning team in the society (University of Leeds,2010).

The Steps taken by Leeds University to Implement Its Diversity Policy for Pregnant Students

University of Leeds has proven the best understanding of Equality Act 2010 and is strictly acting upon it to make a diverse and equal environment in its campus. In order to provide the better facilities to pregnant student the university has also make a policy in order to encourage students to inform their faculty or school about their pregnancy (University of Leeds, Equality policy 2010).

According to Leeds University’s Equality policy for pregnant students it is not obligatory for the student to inform the faculties about the pregnancy or her decision whether to terminate the pregnancy but the University encourages the students to inform them in order to take necessary care of the student while giving them fieldworks which could be harmful for the student and her baby (University of Leeds, Equality Policy 2010).

The pregnancy related absence can also impact the marks of the student but if she informed the faculty about her condition then the staff member of University will take steps to help them especially for the research students whose absence will create a negative impact on her grades (University of Leeds, equality Policy,2010).

Strong and Weak Areas of Equality Policy of Leeds University

The weak areas in University’s Equality policy is in my opinion is the fact that they have not make it compulsory for the students to disclose her pregnancy to the faculty in the initial stage because if they make it compulsory for the students, then the rate of aborting the child or accidently occurring miscarriage will be lowered.

Throughout the University’s Equality policy is one of the strongest as it is the mirror of the Equality Act 2010 and each and every point in the Equality Act 2010 is discussed and implemented in the in-depth and strong equality policy of university of Leeds for the students and also for its employees too.

Effect of University Equality Policy

The equality policy of Leeds University effects positively to its students and staff members and is giving courage and strength to disable, pregnant and other students belonging to different cast ,creed ,religion and nations to assemble here in order to get higher education and attain better workplace diversity. The university is keen to implement the Equality act of Great Britain into its campus to give opportunities to more international and national students to come forward and get higher education (The Guardian 2011).

Creation of Inclusion:

The University’s Equality policy also creates inclusion in the campus for different students and more and more pupils are coming to get higher education in this prestigious institution where, there is no discrimination on the basis of creed, cast, culture, gender, age etc.


The principles of equality, diversity and inclusion are very important for the educational institution as well as the work place organization because they give people better opportunities to gain higher success in the areas of science, commerce, education management etc. professional that treat everyone same are likely to be insensitive to and aware to the diverse needs of the people and their rights for the equal opportunities (Reeves, 2005). The educational institutions which are failed to provide diverse culture and equal opportunities to every student are in sense failed to provide competitive advantage to its student (Milner, 2005). The University of Leeds which is one of the largest populated university and among the top ten research centre of world is encouraging many people towards its campus because of its Equality and Diversity policy which is also fitted in the Equality Act 2010 of Great Britain. The University is providing equal rights to all of its students regardless on the basis of race, color, creed, gender, disability, mental and physical fitness etc. The Leeds University’s Equality and Diversity policy for pregnant students is also a trademark for others and a bench marks for its success. They are providing best available facilities to the pregnant and breastfeeding mothers in order to complete their studies and research work along with the phenomena of giving birth to a newborn and then lactating them.

In today’s competitive environment, the principles of equality, diversity and inclusion are very important in every field of life because the different people from different nations, cultures and genders can do better and better instead of working of same people of similar beliefs, casts and gender and the organizations who adapted these principles are getting success and are providing courage and strength to every individual.



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