Managing communications, knowledge and information

 Executive summary

Thousands of people every year set up their own businesses. The reason because they do so are determined to be different and of numerous kinds. Some of the businesses are founded because individuals want to work on their own and earn for themselves, others do so on the basis of a great idea that they have and there are market gaps for them to fulfill and bridge with the help of their commendations. There are individuals who think can make loads of money and therefore turn out to make choices regarding starting their own business.

The reasons can be as distinctive and differentiating as the originating business itself is but either ways a commitment and strong motivation along with the capabilities of motivation and decision making are required in an effective manner for the end outcome to be successfully projected. These skills are vital because in shaping up the advancement and promotions, it is all that drives an individual to make it an achievement good.

01- Report

1.1- Process of starting up a business

Decisions to be made

There are different decisions involved and associated while starting a new business in a combined manner. The early stages of such decision making processes are rather difficult but with time and experience positive outcomes may be attained. One should only ensure that they are getting off on the right foot (Joseph, 2013).

Determining savings to carry out the profits to begin with is an initial step towards a constructive start. A carefully considered business budget and plan should be able to indicate the level of business approach and longevity. Finding a proper financing source to get started will be optimum if implicating savings is not an option. Categorizing and selecting the business niche is one of the decisions which should be made prior to further acquirements. One can either start a business from scratch which may take a sufficient period of time to maintain or purchase a business which already exists and put a different touch to it. Buying a franchise could be an option to take into account as well ((Joseph, 2013).

Knowledge required to make the decision

Decision making is integral and fundamental to any of the business that is initiating or is in the accomplishment phase (The maniac, n.d). This is because a majority of operational and organizational structures revolve about the management decisions.  In order for these decisions to be made sufficiently, it is vital for the individual starting up a business to look into information systems and particularly management information systems. The controlling mechanism of the system is going to ask for proficient configuration but once applied, such information systems can enhance the positive prospects of its functionalities with regards to decision making and other relevant business areas. Extensive research and leadership are required to implement efficient pronouncements as well (Lingham, 2006).

Internal and external sources of information and understanding

For the success of every business, information is needed. Internal and external resources of business information can amplify the background essential enough for the evaluation of current performance and planning of future progress (Richards, 2013).

Internal sources of information and understanding include industry information, competitive information and the government. Businesses using these reliable sources can find about their affiliations that already serve their industry. Joining the appropriate professional and trade organizations can help them collect information about the trends, resources and practices of the industry. Through social media campaigning, competitive intelligence could be gained in order to determine the industry entrants. Legal and regulatory trends on the other hand will provide an enormous amount of governmental information of use to small and medium businesses (Richards, 2013).

External resources of information involving radio and television media will provide external interlinking to businesses with the outside world. Programs which broadcast investment strategies can be found for the niche audiences. Online information as well as external storage devices like CD-ROM information could also prove to be credible in providing material needed (, 2013).


  • Address the changes which have arisen or can be predicted to arise within an under-planned business environment.
  • Examine and determine the business environment which is highlighting enough to provide the information needed.
  • Analyzing where the strengths and weaknesses lie and what methods will be optimum for business startups to initiate achievements.
  • Using techniques such as PESTLE analysis and Porter’s Fiver Forces analysis improvements could be achieved as well (Cadle, Paul, Turner, 2010).
1.2- Development of strategies


Some of the stakeholders which will be effectual for the decision making process in relation to starting up a business are:

  • Processors, retailers and wholesalers
  • Government aquaculturists
  • Contributors to financial or technical resources
  • Exporters, possible tourism organizations and environmental groups
  • Consumer groups (English, 1993)

Development of a business relationship

The professionals and stakeholders mentioned above will be contacted for the optimization of business management and decision making process. Making contact with them and implying methods to develop a business relationship could be followed as explained in the diagram.

Figure 1 Dynamics of stakeholder relationship (Galimidi, 2010).

Price strategy and location strategy

Individuals within the business decision making process as stakeholders can be regarded for the price and location strategy management with the help of proper engagement and interlinking communication model. The plan will ensure the willingness and capacity to respond to or receive stakeholder feedback in the development of such schemes. The emergence of bottom line socially and coming up with a corporate social responsibility which is intrinsic to functionalities of public relations (Tilley, 2009).

Strategy for future improvement

Strategy for the future for the business decision making as well as stakeholder management is to tailor the requirements which are comprehensive and vital. The process should be determined in a manner enough to be sought for future use and implications. It should have the tendency to develop an extensive, shared intellect of the public interest that lasts for a considerable amount of time. A realistic approach should be moderated with mechanisms being balanced judiciously. Suitable criteria should be met for the evaluation and selection of mechanisms involving stakeholders and all the options being weighed accurately (Chambers, 1964).

Case study: The American Red Cross

3.1 Existing processes of communication

As a disaster management organization working as the nation’s prime center of rehabilitation and support, The American Red Cross performs several functionalities of communication on several different levels. Though the organization majorly relies on calamities to fill up most of its media and donor contributions, the volunteers these days are focused more towards local blood donation drives or responding to more of their domestic and regional issues of routine life. The process of communication is mainly carried out with the help of quick decision making processes and getting involved within the analysis of fundamental issues. All of the humanitarian and service activities that are being carried out with the help of this organization are carried out with the help of careful consideration and planning from the stakeholders as well as those volunteers that are aware of the needs and requirements in the first place. The stakeholders in case of the organization are the federal, state and local governmental associations which are responsible for an extensive network formation and carrying out the response efforts (, 2011).

There are several national response framework associated with the organization that are linked with the help of online and offline communication means to provide shelter, food and health benefits to those that need it the most. Resources and referrals to those who need mental aid and healthcare services are also provided with the means of effective leadership and management conformation (, 2011).

3.2 Improvement of appropriateness

To improve the appropriateness of the communication system, a complete plan guide is to be followed which includes knowing the business in an appropriate manner, assessing the risk factors involved, formulating a plan as well as testing that plan accordingly.


This involves outlining the things that are to be accomplished with time with greater details as to what needs being done, how and when it will be carried out and who will be held responsible to do the job. The mapping out phenomenon of where the organization stands at a current moment to what place it needs to be is the administrative inclusion of thoughts. The planning can be carried out in a manner to sustain both long term and short term goals for the future considerations of things that are to be performed in a consistent manner (, n.d).


This functionality is all about assembling things in a sequential manner allowing all groups of different responsibilities to be divided within departments and sections within which individuals are working within. The efforts which are being produced as a result are taken into account and things are included for the responsibility and authority of control within the units of supervision and deliberation (, n.d).


Abusinessorganization requires having proper amount of individuals working within it at all times. People that belong working within certain situations are always considered to be belonging to their directional facilities as well as screening of such individuals is effective enough as well (, n.d).

Command and control

Both qualities are definitely relatable to business because a sense of leadership is significant for the cause. Having a support system for those individuals who are better with the interpersonal things or the ability to motivate people into doing proper amount of work with greater efforts and outcomes which can be appreciated in a considerable amount of time and energy both is the main idea of this function. It involves management, performance and everything which is included within the limitations of working in a systematic manner (, n.d).

3.3 Integration of communication systems

Outsourcing of information technology and E-commerce is something which can make sure that the results and outcomes of an organization become even more enhanced and that they are always moving in a positive direction with the approach of sentiments and equality of their employees as well. Given a time frame, there are many options they can choose and select which will potentially grow and develop things in a positive manner as well. management information and communication systems can make sure that an organization is moving ahead with the plans an outcomes with thriving information and trying hard enough to make it to the next level which is why there are different plans and strategies developed for the matter. If there is anything which has to be included in the regime, it will be the designation of different factors at once and team management through which nothing is possible. There are different companies that think they can perform well off and do good without the possibility of having a management and system along the way but it is really possible and to achieve something like that, it is important that the employee s are notified with time and that they are motivated to working with business strategies and commencements in a positive manner. For different enterprises, information technology and E-commerce can be fundamental because most of the times, finances and other marketing strategies don’t turn out to be less resulting and there might be need of some expert and intermediate strategies. With the help of creative concepts, the IT technicians, experts and several other people that are mentioned earlier can join together on a single platform and work together on the better future of business management and its associative financial and work forces (, n.d).

4.1 Existing approaches of information and knowledge

American Red Cross carries out educational and training programs for those that are interested in empowering individuals surrounding them to respond to disasters and other life threatening situations. In any case, the organization has an influential program and assortment towards emergencies and it is very well prepared for further operations as well. More than approximately 15 million people every year lean lifesaving skills with the help of their communication awareness programs and educational techniques which makes it an even captivating and operative system (, 2011).

4.2 Appropriate changes

With the natural disasters and calamities, there are always hindering factors associated in the collection, formatting, storage and dissemination of information and knowledge. If there are any hindrances along the way, there should be proper consequential arrangements done for the purpose as well because knowing that an organization is going in the wrong direction and identifying that purpose is very important as well. Information which is travelling along the way is going to become effective and diligent enough if there are proper realizations and if there are ways through which teams can coordinate with one another in a constructive manner. Examples of such business environments and associations are numerous and many but to make sure that you have your own instances and purpose will take the terms and regulations far away to a professional level. As a result of these things, there will be a subsequent increase in the outcomes and situations that you wouldn’t have imagined things to turn out. Overlooking the outsourcing disadvantages and knowing the positive perspectives should be your motive to move on in a proficient manner with a team of diligent individuals (, n.d).

4.3 Strategy of improvements

Smaller, bigger and medium sized organizations that are present within a particular setting are playing an essential role in many countries. The employment rates and configurations of a system are determined by these small and medium organizations and they are the companies within which different kinds of people are employed and working to make a better change for the future. The economic and organizational improvement of any commencement as such is comprised on the fact that these companies are running in an advantageous and compromising manner for everyone. The national or international input of different organization comprises the labor force and as long as the task which is being carried out is flexible, diligent and innovative enough, this is something which can be fruitful and benefitting for a considerable amount of time. There is a global competition to which these companies are contributing every now and then and in an effective manner possible but without the implementation of any computing skills and several other achievements, consistency and deliberation is difficult to achieve and recommend around the business enterprises. The application and constant use of Information Technology and E-commerce in the field of any organizational and commutative foundation is important and essential because in the times of moderation and development, this is something which is quite achievable and approaching. Without the use of these constituents, there is a little less to what a company can achieve as a basis for other employees and external connections as well. Information technology in the management information and communication systems is also very basic and daunting; for the fact it can be really competitive and commending as well. For different enterprises, information technology and E-commerce can be fundamental because most of the times, finances and other marketing strategies don’t turn out to be less resulting and there might be need of some expert and intermediate strategies. With the help of these concepts, the IT technicians, experts and several other people can join together on a single platform and work together on the better future of an association. It can create more innovations and inventions within a short amount of time. On poverty-resource basis, this can be a very consistent and basic thing to perform because it will cause more and more people to work in terms of knowledge, information and content sharing features and there can be facilitations based on such elements. The enterprise information technology and E-commerce field supplements the account functions and existence of many other factors of a company as well. If there are any challenges in doing so, information technology can overcome such chances and transactions by the choices and utility equipment (, n.d).


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